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Hi! I am Shirelle Dakota Brown, former Legislative Assistant with the Shelby County Commissioners where I single-handedly managed 2.65 million dollars of the County Budget as the Grant Coordinator and operated as the assistant to the Budget Chairman where I planned and coordinated the budget retreats that takes place annually where all the departments funded under the umbrella of the Shelby County Government budget would congregate to discuss future expenditures. Simply put, I have been exposed to the numbers. 

As a native Memphian, I have lived my entire life in district 7 and has operated as a behind the scenes community advocate primarily for single parent households, small businesses, non-profit and faith-based organizations, as well as the homeless populations and am looking forward to expanding on my philanthropic reach and efforts.

I am an independent candidate in which my main motive for running for office is to serve as a voice and an advocate for the residents of district 7 and residents of Shelby County abroad regardless of their political party.  My motto is, I am a new voice, a new choice, let’s work together, meaning, I am ready to sit at the round table with democrats, republicans, and other independents to create sound solutions that will change Memphis from being a repulsive place to live to a safer and thriving place that serves as a blue print for other cities to follow.  Vote Shirelle Dakota Brown Aug 4, 2022 and let me serve you. Also, feel free to complete the anonymous community survey posted in the tab on this site. 

Questions to Ponder to Yourself:

  • Did you know in the state of Tennessee, you are not required to register to a political party?

That’s right, you are not obligated to choose to be Democratic or Republican and actually have full autonomy to vote for whoever you want to.

  •  Do you honestly know why you identify as a Democrat or as a Republican or are you only following the trends of those around you so you won't feel left out?
  • Are you torn in-between which party to identify with, so as a result you just choose not to vote?
  • Did you know that there are benefits to both parties that can help us all operate united and not divided?
  • Do you conduct research on the candidate, or do you only vote according to the party they represent due to your loyalty to the party?
  • Are you afraid of being ousted, bullied, and ostracized by family, friends, and leaders because of favoring the ideas of one party over another? Know your rights. You can swing vote. Many do it.
  • Did you know that there are many candidates who run for office as a Democrat but actually vote as a Republican and vice versa?
  • Did you know that the founding framers of the Constitution predicted that if political parties emerged, they would cause division amongst the people where they would no longer think for themselves individually, but would only go with the majority for fear of standing alone?

Why Choose Shirelle? 

She's a new voice for the people, and a new choice in leadership, who is willing to work with all residents of Shelby County regardless of party- hence her motto, "Let's work together."

Shirelle "Dakota" Brown, a single-mother, business owner, retired & former 20+ year combined City, Sheriff, and Shelby County Government Employee, former Shelby County Board of Commissioner's Grant Coordinator, Legislative Specialist, and 40+ yearlong Memphis native of District 7, who is a visionary, well-versed in government relations, and is prepared to represent and serve the citizens of District 7 and Shelby County abroad as County Commissioner.  Shirelle can correspond with people from all walks of life due to the advantage of having multi-faceted exposures and experiences from various encounters throughout her life as a resident of Shelby County in general. Shirelle boldly stands as an unbiased and politically-free agent who is solely focused on addressing the disparities, dismantling the barriers and divisions that has existed within the political parties and has kept us operating as a segregated people for far too long. Shirelle is breaking trends on how both political parties view the opposing party more negatively & will create bridges that alleviate the rigid partisan strongholds that has kept Memphis stagnant and behind other progressing cities.

She is a true servant who cares more about being impactful in the role than impressive with a title and is a new choice who is willing to work with all political and community stakeholders and residents to propose new legislation, amend existing laws and policies that are tailored to find a happy medium for all residents of Memphis regardless of their political party, religion, sex, race, class, or status.  

Spread the word. On August 4, 2022 vote Shirelle "Dakota" Brown for County Commissioner District 7  



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